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When the ASF content management system, which projects used from 2010, reached end of life in 2021, Infra provided several options to which PMCs could move their project websites.

Infra also created ASF-Pelican as a structure and template for projects still on the CMS and for the ASF's own website. It is also available for any ASF project that wants to consider using it. The template is available at github.com/apache/template-site.

Review the following information to simplify your work with, and get your best results from, the template:

Getting started

See the getting-started guide.

For site designers

For site developers

  • Data modeling provides what developers need to know to maintain and expand on the data they want to use and disaply on their site.
  • Build process describes the full end-to-end build from the developer's perspecitve.
  • Review the plugins that are included in the template repository, and the plugin architecture.

For site committers

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