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Infra created ASF-Pelican as a structure and template for projects to use to build their websites, and for the ASF's own website. The template is available at github.com/apache/template-site.

Review the following information to simplify your work with, and get your best results from, the template:

Getting started

See the getting-started guide.

For site designers

For site developers

  • Data modeling provides what developers need to know to maintain and expand on the data they want to use and display on their site.
  • Build process describes the full end-to-end build from the developer's perspecitve.
  • Review the plugins that are included in the template repository, and the plugin architecture.

For site committers

  • The template uses GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) to structure content. It also supports most HTML elements.
  • How to develop your site using local builds on a local Linux or macOS system.

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