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Volunteering for Apache Infrastructure

If you're a willing volunteer, and can tell the difference between a server and a hifi amp, this is for you! There are plenty of opportunities for you to help out with the small tasks Infra does every day to keep the ASF infrastructure alive. Some are self-explanatory, and you'll learn more about the rest of them as you get involved.

There are some basic things you should be able to do if you're going to help out with the ASF Infrastructure team. You probably do them all already in your ASF project.

  • Read infrastructure mailing lists and be aware of what is going on. Read #asfinfra as well.
  • Work on documentation, especially procedural documentation and answers to FAQs. Everybody saves time if committers and PMCs can consult web pages that have most of the information they ask for most of the time..
  • Answer questions that other people ask on users@infra.apache.org. This is immensely beneficial to the rest of the team, as it frees them up to get on with other things.
  • Work through the Issue Tracker and submit patches, comments, links, etc. that may help in resolving them.
  • Look for support requests on users@infra.apache.org as they come in and volunteer to handle them.
  • Add entries to the Issue Tracker for issues raised via e-mail that are not yet being handled. We don't want them slipping through the cracks.
  • Work on in-house tasks. At any time there are several outstanding TODOs involving general documentation, in-house services, patches, and scripts; not everything is recorded on the issue tracker.

Come talk to us on Slack in the #asfinfra channel!

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