Contact the Infrastructure Team


Join us on Slack in the #asfinfra channel for direct messaging!

Request resources/tasks/projects

Please create a Jira ticket for your request.

Review the guidelines for creating a Jira ticket.

For general inquiries

General inquiries and questions should go to:

To subscribe to that list, send an email, from the email address you want to use, to

What we need to know

Here's a guide to what to tell us so we can respond to your request quickly and appropriately.

In case of emergency

If there is an absolutely urgent problem that must be handled at once, such as a malicious hacker having an active root through shell on, follow this escalation path: 1. Send an email to root@ and private@infra describing the issue. If you get no response within fifteen minutes... 2. Create a message on the #asfinfra channel in the Slack Apache space (link is at the top of the page). If you get no response within ten minutes... 3. Open a Jira ticket (link is higher in the page) for INFRA, with a priority of blocker.

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