Details on contacting Infra

Here is how to contact Infra in a wide range of situations.

How should I make contact?

That depends on your role and what you want to do. If this chart doesn't help, Infra maintains a publicly accessible channel (#asfinfra) within the ASF presence on Slack, and you can ask there whether to create a bug report or do something else.

If you...and want to...then contact...Notes
are anyone report a security vulnerability in a service that runs on You may also encrypt the email to this set of keys.
report a security vulnerability in an Apache project the Apache Security Team The Security Team is not part of Infra.
report that a service is down and doesn't show it Infra's Slack channel Email to is an acceptable alternative. The infrabot feed on X (formerly Twitter) may contain information about current outages and maintenances.
unsubscribe from a mailing list See unsubscription instructions
discuss something publicly with Infra, or ask Infra a question Consider this a semi-public list, as many people subscribe to it. The discussion archives are available for ASF Members only.
get your IP unblocked
edit the mail archives of a mailing list you posted to Public forum archive policy Contact We deny almost all requests.
are a newly-invited committer ask a question about your committership private@$project
are a committer regain access to your account See ASF account management If commits fail, double-check that you are using https://, not http://.
change your account details Self-serve
are a supplier anything Suppliers donate or sell hardware or services to Apache. Encrypt passwords or send them by other means.
submitted an ICLA in the past change your contact details of record Snail mail is possible too; see
are part of a PMC request account creation for a newly-elected committer Whimsy Instructions are here
ask Infra to do something Create a Jira ticket See On Requests and What we need to know.
are a committer or part of a PMC change Jenkins build settings Project members having hudson-jobadmin karma can perform some tasks; ask your dev@ list.
are part of a newly-accepted podling create podling infrastructure (site, lists, etc.) See Infra and the Incubator
are part of a podling that has just graduated migrate resources from Incubator locations to top-level-project (TLP) locations See Infra and the Incubator
are part of a PMC or a podling request mailing list creation Self-serve Only ASF Members and Officers (including PMC chairs) can submit the form
are an Officer of the ASF ask an organizational (as opposed to technical) question VP Infrastructure, or The target audience for this item is members of the Apache Board of Directors, the VPs of Fundraising and Marketing, etc.

What we need to know

If you ask us to...we need to know...Notes
create a podling See Infra and the Incubator
promote a podling to Top-Level Project (TLP) See Infra and the Incubator
load a repository's Subversion history URL and checksum (or PGP signature) of a dumpfile; proof of IP rights Produce with svnadmin dump --incremental --deltas or svnrdump. The paths within the dumpfile should be relative to the project root (e.g., to /repos/asf/incubator/MyPodling).
load a repository's Git history URL of a repository or an export stream; proof of IP rights If linking to a file, provide PGP signature or checksum. If to a remote repository, you must review and sign off on the import ("Yes, that is the repository and history we asked to import and have IP rights for") before it will be writable.
create an svnpubsub-based site SVN URL of the compiled site (directory containing HTML files) For Git-based web sites, refer to Git-.asf.yaml features for instructions on publishing.
create a project blog Project Blog
create a project Confluence wiki space wiki name, destination for commit mails, and Confluence usernames of at least two community members who will be space admins Go to Self-serve and follow the prompts.
set up your project on Review Board project name, which SVN/Git repositories to support Review Board is a web-based collaborative code review tool, available as free software under the MIT License.
create a Jira project Key name (e.g., INFRA), Jira user names of 1-2 project members who will be project admins, mailing list address to which Jira notifications should go Go to Self-serve and follow the prompts
migrate your project's SVN repository to Git Use Self-serve to create your intended Git repo(s). Run svn2git locally using this authors file and push once the conversion result is confirmed. Submit a Jira ticket for Infra to mark your SVN repository readonly. Optionally, submit a Jira ticket to temporarily disable commit emails while you push your converted clone.
become an email list moderator See "How do I change moderators?" on Mailing list moderation. You will need to involve someone from the list on that page of those with authority to manage project mailing lists.

Don't see here what you're looking for? See above for other cases.

Other Requests

What can I ask for?

See the list of Services and tools Infra provides for projects. If you want something that isn't listed, get in touch with a Jira ticket for Infra. It might be possible to support it, especially if the feature request includes a list of volunteers who will help maintain it hint, hint.

Where should I submit my request?

If there is a dedicated app, use it. If not, file a Jira ticket for Infra.

Please review the tables above before filing a ticket - often you or someone in your PMC can effect the change without involving infra at all.

Before you press `Send` on your ticket:
  • Ask in your project whether someone has the karma to implement the requested change. This eases the load on the infra team. The moderators and volunteer admins of the project's issue tracker and wiki can often address issues with those services.
  • Aggregate requests: instead of sending five emails, each asking for one more moderator to be added, send one email asking for five moderators to be added.
  • CC your PMC on emails. When creating Jira tickets, some cases SHOULD or even MUST demonstrate PMC consensus. If the ticket does not demonstrate PMC consensus, Infra will close the ticket as invalid or reject it. For more details, please refer to our Jira Guidelines.
  • If you create a Jira ticket, create it in the right Jira component. This helps the team spot pending tasks in their areas. If it's not obvious which component is the right one, select "documentation".
  • Be patient. It may take a few days for someone to respond.
  • Research your topic. See the developer information section.

Thanks. Making requests following these guidelines might require a little effort, but saves time for all involved.

My issue got closed with a request to reopen it

The closed ticket may have a note indicating why we closed it. For instance, the ticket may have lacked information required to confirm or adddress the issue.

If you have additional information that would help us understand and respond to your issue, please include it in a new INFRA Jira ticket and we will give it a look.

My issue got ignored

There could be a few reasons: some areas have longer turn-around times than others; sometimes we're busy on backend projects like installing new hardware and have little time for user-facing tasks; sometimes an issue blocks as we wait for new hardware to get shipped, installed, and configured; sometimes we're just backlogged and are working on issues ahead of yours in the queue; and sometimes we do tickets of a certain category in batch, and yours will be done in the next batch in a few days.

To make sure your issue doesn't get lost, feel free to add a comment to the relevant Jira issue, or email the users@infra list with a question. If the matter remains unresolved after that, feel free to escalate it to the VP-Infrastructure or to the operations@ privately-archived mailing list (everyone may post to it).

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