Welcome to the web site of Infra, the Apache Infrastructure Team!

A distributed group of indviduals assigned to serve the needs of the Foundation and Projects.

Looking for Help?

The Apache Infrastructure team, or Infra, ensures the day-to-day operations of the technical aspects of the foundation. If you have questions or require support regarding email, code repositories, web sites, issue trackers and so forth, we are here to help!

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Services and Tools

Infra supports services for the ASF and its projects, including GitBox, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, and Buildbot. We also have an extensive toolbox we use on a daily basis that contains both home-brewed solutions and "off the shelf" offerings. Feel free to check them out.

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Who We Are

Infra manages day-to-day system administration and operation of the hardware assets that run the many services at the ASF. Click the button below to learn more about who we are and how we operate.

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News from Infra

February, 2020: We are improving this site, which involves changes to the contents and what appears on the menu. For example, the login link to the PagerDuty tool, which only Infra staff use, has moved to the "Infra Essentials" page on the Infra CWiki. Please bear with us.

We periodically publish updates about Infra's work, successes, and challenges on the Infra blog.

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