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A distributed team devoted to serving the needs of the Apache Software Foundation and its projects

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The Apache Infrastructure team, or Infra, ensures the day-to-day operations of the technical aspects of the foundation. If you have questions or require support regarding email, code repositories, web sites, issue trackers and so forth, we are here to help!

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Services and Tools

Infra supports services for the ASF and its projects, including GitBox, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, and Buildbot. We also have an extensive toolbox we use on a daily basis that contains both home-brewed solutions and "off the shelf" offerings. Feel free to check them out.

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Who We Are

Infra manages day-to-day system administration and operation of the hardware assets that run the many services at the ASF. Click the button below to learn more about who we are and how we operate.

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News from Infra

On August 9, 2022 Infra cut over the production LDAP servers to new virtual machines. LDAP configuration (ACLs, etc.) have not changed, but the certificates have. Replacing the ancient, self-signed certificate, Letsencrypt provisions the certificate on the new servers. Please contact Infra if you have any questions about this change.

July 13, 2022: On July 12 an essential part of the Apache email infrastructure failed, interrupting mail delivery throughout the Foundation. The service is active again after a seven-hour outage, as the Infrastructure team accelerated plans to migrate all email services to mailgw, as noted below. A fuller report is available on our blog.

June 15, 2022: As part of the Apache Infrastructure team's goals of modernization and service improvement, we are pleased to announce the general availability of "mailgw", the long-awaited replacement for the venerable Hermes FreeBSD mailing list server. See our mail migration FAQ for further details.

April, 2022: Infra's April Fool's prank, the interactive voice response service, is still available to explore and enjoy at 1-717-7-APACHE (1-717-727-2243).

January, 2022:

  • The ASF has decomissioned the venerable FreeBSD host, minotaur.apache.org. The primary functions of this host have long since moved to people.apache.org, also known as home.apache.org.
  • Infra has enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication support on oauth.apache.org (used for sites such as lists.apache.org and cveprocess.apache.org, etc). You can couple a Google Authenticator or other TOTP (Time-based One Time Password apps) to your login process for added security. To enable 2FA, click the 2FA link next time you have to use oauth.apache.org for a login.
  • ci.apache.org - Buildbot 0.8 has been turned off. The DNS now points to ci2.apache.org, its 3.2 replacement.
  • The CMS has been turned off. All projects have moved their websites to a different publishing method.

December, 2021:

  • The ASF retired the services at mail-archive.apache.org/ and mail-private.apache.org/ on 31 December 2021. All link references now redirect to the corresponding lists.apache.org/ location.
  • Infra has subscribed all Project Management Committee (PMC) members to the "announce" mailing list, announce AT infra.apache.org. Messages to this list share changes to Infra services which may require action on the part of your Project, or which may impact the way users access ASF services. An example of this type of notification would be the changeover from http to https for our TLP webservers. Committers are welcome to subscribe to the list; PMC members cannot unsubscribe.

November, 2021: If you have an ASF email inbox, please review Dealing with spam in your ASF email account. This policy addresses a problem that arises when people see possible spam forwarded from their ASF inbox to their personal email account, and report it as spam.

October, 2021: The ASF has long depended on a network of download mirrors to provide access to projects' product releases. We have now moved to a global content distribution network (CDN). The primary change projects and downloaders will experience is a much shorter delay between when a project posts a new release and when it is available world-wide for download. Read about the history of the ASF download mirror system.

We periodically publish updates about Infra's work, successes, and challenges on the Infra blog.

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