About the Apache Infrastructure Team

ASF Infra

The ASF Infrastructure team, known as Infra, provides and manages all infrastructure and services for the ASF, and for each project that is part of the Foundation: physical and virtual servers and their operating systems, mailing lists, version control systems, committer accounts, the artifact distribution system, issue tracking systems, and tools and services to facilitate the work of the Foundation, its projects, and committers.

About us

Infra has a core team made up of an administrator and a number of paid contractors, most of whom are system administrators; and volunteers who are generally also committers to ASF projects. The core team collaborates to respond to issues and assign development and maintenance tasks for the best benefit of the entire ASF community. The volunteers bring their skills to bear on their areas of interest, reducing the load on the core team.

in 2020 the main ASF blog published a series of interviews with Infra team members. Links to the interviews are available at cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/INFRA/The+Infrastructure+team.

How we help

Infra is responsible for ASF system administration and security, and supports existing projects at The ASF. Infra works hard to provide services and setup for each new project that joins the Foundation via the Apache Incubator. If you have questions about or require support regarding email, code repositories, web sites, issue trackers and so forth, we are here to help.

How you can help

Volunteers are the driving force of the ASF. The Infrastructure team is always looking for people willing to help out at whatever effort level suits you. If you're interested, visit our volunteer information page.

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