Welcome new members of the infra team

Posted on: 2011-03-22 10:09:45+00:00

Well, some are not exactly new faces, but since our last blog update of new infra members in 2009 , we have conned with promises of fame, fortune and beer the following new additions to the infra team:

  • Chris Rhodes: (arreyder)
  • Brian Fox: (brianf)
  • Matt Benson: (mbenson)
  • David Blevins: (dblevins)
  • Rudiger Pluem: (rpluem)
  • Noirin Plunkett: (noirin)
  • Ulrich Stärk: (uli)
  • Daniel Shahaf: (danielsh)
  • Paul Davis: (davisp)

Infra work is not your normal volunteer work, and it is greatly appreciated when any of these folks get to help.

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