LDAP and password policy

Posted on: 2010-12-17 06:38:50+00:00

As of approximately 03:00 (UTC) today the infrastructure team have enabled a password policy for all LDAP accounts.
This policy has been implemented at the LDAP infrastructure level and will affect all users. It has been deployed using OpenLDAP's password policy schema, and overlay.

At the time of launch we will be enforcing the following policy.

  • At the time of a given users 10th successive login failure the account will be locked.
  • The account will then be automatically unlocked 24 hours later, or until a member of root@ unlocks it for you.
  • If the user successfully completes a login before the tally reaches 10, the counter for failed logins is reset back to 0.

We are enabling this to try and prevent any brute force attempt at guessing passwords. It will also highlight potential issues with accounts.

As with all account related queries, you should be contacting root@ - We will be able to unlock your account for you, allowing you to gain access.

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