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Welcome to Inside Infra for May, 2024.


The May 2024 Roundtable took place on May 8. The topic of the day was "STeVe for projects: how PMCs can use the STeVe voting tool".

Infra member Chris Wells reviewed what Apache STeVe is for, and the many voting situations it can support. Its main use in the ASF is for the election of board members, but any project could easily use STeVe for project-consensus votes, such as the election of a new PMC chair.

Chris took the group through a demo of STeVe in action, with commentary ('this bit can take a while if a lot of people are eligible to vote'), and there was discussion of improvements to come with STeVe 3.0 (release date not yet announced).

There was discussion of voting methods for approving a project's release candidate–currently, voting takes place in an email thread. Daniel Gruno noted that the new distribution platform, ADP, will have a straightforward method for setting up, holding, and seeing the results of votes on release candidates.

Conversation covered legal requirements for establishing the results of a binding vote, and for recording who voted. There was also a request that ADP, when released, have a method for bulk-approval of artifacts in a release.

The full notes of the meeting are at Infra Roundtable 2024-05-08, 17:00 UTC.

The June Roundtable will take place June 5 at 1700UTC, on the roundtable channel in the 'the-asf' space on Slack. The topic will be Top ten infrastructure resources for projects. We hope to see you there.

Community Over Code 2024

The Infrastructure team will be taking part in all three Community Over Code (CoC) events this year:

  • CoC Europe, June 3-5, Bratislava, Slovakia - Three Infra team members will be present.
  • CoC Asia, July 26-28, Hangzhou, China - One Infra team member will be taking part.
  • CoC North America, October 7-10, Denver, Colorado USA - The full team will be at the conference, and will be presenting a track of four talks.

More news coming in the June issue!

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