Dear Apache

Posted on: 2015-10-19 18:30:41+00:00

My name is Daniel Takamori and I'm so happy to be joining the Infra team here at Apache.  I'm from Oregon in the United States and really enjoy the rain.  While at Oregon State University I studied mathematics and physics with a lean towards error correcting codes and mathematical modelling.  Some of my hobbies are playing Go in which I'm ranked 6.9 kyu by the AGA, cooking with eggs and green things, and old school platforming video games.  In a former life I worked on underwater remotely operated vehicles and automated gardening systems.  Traveling is something I liked to do once; living in Hungary was awesome and I hope to visit again. Oregon is a great place to live, with all the trees, rain and burritos but maybe things will change in the future.  My handle Pono is my Hawaiian name, and I'm really proud to use it.

Previously I was at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab and really enjoyed my time there; getting to know the Open Source communities and even work with Apache!  It was a real eye opening experience to the world of what software and DevOps (lol who knows what that even means).  I'm very excited to continue working with the community and even more excited to start this next chapter with such an amazing group.

See you around internets!

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