blogs.a.o moved, upgraded and improved

Posted on: 2017-01-01 08:06:46+00:00

Hi All,   - the site you are reading now! has had a bit of an update.

1. We moved it from an aged VM Host to the Cloud (thanks LeaseWeb!)

2. We puppetised the entire service, from install to deploy (see our GitHub Mirror )

3. We upgraded the Apache Roller software from 5.0.3 to the latest 5.1.2

4. We enabled LDAP for logins. That's right! Every single ASF Committer can now just login! No more creating an INFRA Jira ticket just to get a Roller account on

Other stuff remains the same - meaning if you are a Blog Administrator you still need to invite committers into your blog, you still need to choose to make them an Author or Admin etc - Roller doesn't support anything more than login auth for LDAP currently - but I bet the project would love to see the LDAP integration extended and improved if you feel the need!.

Anyhow, our first new year present to our ASF Committers, a shiny updated blog instance,

 Enjoy, and have a great 2017!!

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