Apache and GitHub

The ASF has a presence on GitHub. If you wish to join the organization as a member on GitHub, visit https://id.apache.org and set your githubUsername LDAP field to your GitHub ID. You should be added to the organisation within four hours.

Can I write to repositories at GitHub?

If your project is currently hosted on Gitbox then you can push to GitHub.

To move to GitHub as master follow the steps below:

  1. Add yourself to our GitHub organization (see above) and make sure you are already a committer for the relevant project.
  2. Visit the GitBox site and link your GitHub account with your ASF account.
  3. Wait about an hour for things to sync up.
  4. You now have read/write access to both gitbox.apache.org and GitHub!

Assign roles

Projects can assign roles to people who want access to the project GitHub repositories. Each role gives a different level of access.

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