Roles for project GitHub repositories

Projects can assign roles to people who want access to the project GitHub repositories. Each role gives a different level of access. For Apache projects, the available roles are:

  • Read: View or discuss the project code or documentation
  • Triage (see below): Manage issues and pull requests without having write access
  • Write: For contributors who actively push code updates to the repository

See Managing access to your organization's repositories'.


As of September, 2020 Apache projects can assign the GitHub triage role to PMC members, committers, and others with a vote link, to help with management of their code repository.

A person with the triage role can

  • apply labels to code
  • close, reopen, and assign issues and pull requests
  • apply milestones
  • mark duplicate issues and pull requests
  • request pull-request reviews

Git recommends the role "for contributors who need to proactively manage issues and pull requests without write access." It is a good role for people who are interested in supporting and contributing to the project, but who are not ready to be Committers.

Read more at Permission levels for repositories.

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