Requesting an issue and feature-request tracker for a project

The ASF recommends these options for tracking issues and feature requests:

Infra itself uses Jira, so to request a Jira instance for your project, create a Jira ticket with the necessary details:

Requesting a Jira instance

File a Jira ticket with INFRA using the link above, and set the issue type to New Jira Project. Supply at least the following information:

  • A list of committers with access to modify/close tickets
  • A list of committers who will act as Jira administrators
  • A notification scheme (to which email address do JIRA notifications go?)
  • A name and description for the Jira instance


Infra will respond within a couple of days, either with a request for clarification of some point or to let you know that the instance is set up and ready for your project to use.

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