Apache Maven repositories

Basic information

Reminder: Apache projects must release all software packages through the ASF distribution system. See Release distribution policy for more details.

The ASF maintains internal snapshot and release Maven repositories at https://repository.apache.org. The repository also proxies Apache's legacy repositories.

Note: these repos are intended for internal ASF project use, not for public distribution of artifacts. Except in the rare situation when a project needs external testing of preproduction artifacts, do not provide download links to 'repository.apache.org' assets to users external to The ASF.

If your Apache project would like to use repository.apache.org, see Publishing Maven Releases.

  • Use the New repo and staging process to help prevent accidental releases and ensure that releases meet Apache standards.
  • Subscribe to the repository mailing list via repository-subscribe@apache.org for questions, complaints and ideas.

If you're a user looking for Apache artifacts from a Maven repository, all releases are synced to Maven Central and snapshots are available here: http://repository.apache.org/snapshots/.

FAQs about the ASF Jar repositories

Can we put third party files in the repositories?

You can with the snapshot repositories, but you cannot with the release repositories. When putting third party files in the snapshot repositories, please email the repository mailing list to explain what you are doing. Ideally, you should upload third party files to the 'central' Maven repository via the Maven upload process.

Can I release a research branch to the repositories?

As long as your project's PMC is happy with the release, you can release a research branch to the snapshot repository; otherwise you should just release in your home.apache.org personal space.

How do rsyncs happen?

All official repositories rsync automatically.

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