Project site policy

Every Apache top level project (TLP) must have a static website that conforms with the Apache Project Site Branding Policy.

Whimsy's Apache Project Website Checks tool periodically reviews all TLP websites to provide a report on how well they comply with that policy, and to identify issues that a project may need to address.

From Infra's point of view:

  1. Each TLP's website must be hosted on ASF-operated hardware, or on an approved alternative such as WordPress or GitHub Pages. Consult with Infra if you are considering a host not mentioned here.
  2. The website's source code must be stored in an ASF Git or Subversion repository to track the site's change history and so the source code is available for download.
  3. The website's source code must be available under the current Apache license.

See more about developing your project site.

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