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About the Apache Infrastructure Team

ASF Infra

The ASF Infrastructure team provides and manages all infrastructure and services for the Apache Software Foundation, and for each project at the Foundation. This infrastructure includes the various machines and their operating systems, the mailing lists, the version control systems, committer accounts, the distribution mirroring system, a variety of issue tracking systems, and more. The ASF Infrastructure team is responsible for systems administration, and as well as supporting existing projects at The Apache Software Foundation, the ASF Infrastructure team works hard to provide services and setup for each new project that joins the Foundation via the Apache Incubator.

About us

The ASF Infrastructure team is made up of ASF committers, some of whom are paid sysadmin contractors. Like every ASF project, the non-contracted committers work as volunteers - and we could always do with more help! Those volunteers work alongside the contractors in support of decisions approved, either implicitly or explicitly, by the Infrastructure President's Committee. Decision-making follows a distributed hierarchy instead of the typical fully group-centric decision-making of an Apache project, see policies for details on how this works in practice.

How we help

The Apache Infrastructure team exists to ensure the day-to-day operations of the technical aspects of the foundation. If you have questions about or require support regarding email, code repositories, web sites, issue trackers and so forth, we are here to help!

How can you help?

Volunteers are the driving force of the Apache Software Foundation. The Infrastructure team is always looking for people willing to help out at whatever effort level suits you. If you're interested, visit our volunteer information page.


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