Mailing List Migration Project

Hermes → Mailgw

As part of the Apache Infrastructure team's goals of modernization and service improvement, we are pleased to announce the general availability of "mailgw", the long-awaited replacement for hermes.

This document addresses common questions related to the migration of mail and mailing lists to the new server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hermes and mailgw, and why are we migrating?

Hermes and mailgw are hostnames for the servers that process mail to email addresses. They also process mailing list traffic for all ASF projects, e.g. "".

Hermes is a nearly 10 year old legacy server that pre-dates Infra's modern configuration management strategy, and pre-dates many modern email technologies like TLS encryption.

Mailgw is a modern server using currently available technology, and under full configuration management, greatly improving reliability and reproducibility of the service in case of failures.

The migration process moves and @$ email services from hermes onto mailgw, ensuring that email services remain compliant with modern standards to the greatest extent possible.

Will we lose any email?

No. Despite a list being migrated from hermes to mailgw, mail which was 'in flight' to hermes will still be delivered to the list subscribers on hermes. Once the list is fully migrated, we will reroute email to mailgw automatically. This process is transparent to users.

Will this affect official archives?

No. We manage archives through mailing list subscriptions to the PonEE archival service and list subscriptions to the mbox-vm archiver. Mail delivered via either hermes or mailgw will make it to the official archives.

What about unofficial mbox archives?

hermes-based ~apmail/lists/project.a.o/archives accessible via ezmlm's archive commands (get/index/thread/etc) will not be transferred to mailgw. They will be archived for posterity and we can provide them upon Member request. Access all mailing list archives via the official URL

Will the system preserve queued moderation mail?


Will the system preserve settings and subscribers/mods?


What do I do if there is a problem?

Email or open an Infra Jira ticket.

APMAIL Volunteer Specific Information

#### Will apmail volunteers be able to access the new server? Yes, apmail access will be re-granted upon request. Ask Infra if you wish to continue as an apmail volunteer, and we will add you to the new server. #### What is the actual hostname of the new server? #### How do we know if a list has been migrated? The list will exist on, and the list directory on hermes will contain a flag file called 'migrated-to-mailgw'. #### Do apmail processes remain the same? For the most part, tools in ~apmail/bin will perform as expected, and ezmlm commands (subscriptions, moderation, etc.,) work as expected. Contact Infra if anything doesn't work as expected. #### Has my project been migrated? The following projects have been migrated: copylines copylines.readme

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