Apache Infrastructure mailing lists

Participation in the Infra mailing lists is only available to ASF committers.

You can subscribe in the normal way. The moderators will verify that you are an ASF committer, so please either use your @apache.org address or its forwarding address. There are public archives for issues@ and site-dev@; all other infra@ lists are private. (We often call it "infra@" because that is less typing, but there is no such list.)

The infra@ mailing lists are (mostly) private. You must not forward messages from there to public lists. Forwarding to more private mailing lists (like a pmc mailing list, the board, or the members mailing list) might be appropriate on some occasions. Ask if in doubt.

The lists

  • users@infra: Infra uses the general discussion list to discuss issues concerning the operation of the Apache Software Foundation systems, and for committers to report problems or issues. This is not the address for questions about the ASF or any of its projects. It is for communication between ASF committers only to support the infrastructure. Anyone may send mail to report problems with ASF systems, but check the status page before mailing to see whether Infra already knows about what you have noticed.
  • private@infra: For the core infra@ team only. It focuses on the infrastructure team working directly on pressing issues. Infra moderates subscriptions, which are restricted to ASF members and current infra volunteers. Only subscribers can post.
  • commits@infra: SVN commit messages for the ASF Infrastructure trunk, and Git commit messages for ASF Infra.
  • issues@infra: Messages from the INFRA Issue Tracker. Only ASF committers and people invited by the infra@ team can join. To "post" to this list, file a Jira comment which Jira sends to the list.
  • site-cvs@: Private lists for SVN commit messages for the ASF Infrastructure website.
  • site-dev@: A list for discussion of every aspect of the small number of websites that are centrally managed by the ASF (e.g. /dev/) and for co-ordination of infrastructure needs and publishing methods for all ASF project websites. Participation is open to to any committer or interested party invited by a committer (by sending an email to site-dev-owner). The list is normally low volume.
  • infrastructure-dev@: This list was closed in October, 2016 and not replaced. Instead please use users@infra. It was dedicated to developing and documenting software tools for potential ASF infrastructure.

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