Policy for Outreach to Committers


There are many situations where the Foundation, or groups within, want to reach out to the many Committers who volunteer their time to our many efforts.

This policy covers all channels for reaching the Foundation's Committers.


  • For general communications, it is easiest to reach Committers via the committers@ mailing list
  • All members of all PMCs (which includes many, but not all, Committers) are subscribed automatically to the announce@infra mailing list, and that is where to send important announcements related to infrastructure events such as outages, new services, and services being retired.
  • On occasion it makes more sense to send emails directly to the affected Committers.
  • Several Slack channels, such as asfinfra and announcements, are useful for delivering a version of the email message you are sending. The Slack message may reach some people more quickly.

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