Distributing through the Apple Developer Program

The Apple Developer Program is, in Apple's words, a "code to customer" pipeline. Program members can build, test, and distribute apps for release on Apple operating systems.

Apple has granted a fee-waiver to participants in Apache Software Foundation projects. A condition of this waiver that the ASF distribute all involved applications for free.

To join the Apple Developer Program as part of the ASF, committers must:

  • create an Apple ID using their @apache.org e-mail address
  • create an INFRA Jira ticket under the code-signing component to request that Infra add them to the list of ASF participants
  • read the latest Apple Developer Program Agreement
  • confirm, once Infra has added their name to the participants' list, that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms of the Apple Developer Program Agreement

The file that tracks participants' confirmations, with additional information for updating it, is here.

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