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Repository access policy

  1. ASF projects are required to house their project code inside ASF supported services (svn, gitbox).
  2. Only people with an ICLA on file with Apache can create, edit, or update code housed within the ASF. There is no third-party access to create, edit, or delete files.
  3. Apache software projects are open-source, so everyone has read access to all code housed within the ASF.
  4. Documentation is not code. Projects can host their documentation anywhere (such as on platforms like readthedocs and gitlab) and, if they choose, make them available to the world to create and edit pages.
  5. However, if projects create and house their documentation inside the ASF, statement 2. applies to it.

Since the primary presence of an Apache project must be within Apache, there is an argument for storing project documentation in its own repository alongside the project's code repository. This practice also makes it easier for project committers to move from committing new features or updates to existing features, to writing about them for the project's end-users.

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