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Infra maintains a wide range of tools for PMCs, project committers, and the Apache Board to use. Parts of our toolkit are only available to people who have specific duties or roles. Others, like the monitoring tools that show the status of various parts of the Apache infrastructure, are available to everyone.

ASF Self-Service Platform

One of Infra's goals is to empower ASF members, PMCs, and committers to do much of what they need to do without having to request help from Infra. The Self-Service Platform, for example, provides a number of handy tools that people who have an Apache email address (basically, project committers, PMC members, and ASF Members) can use:

  • Create a new Jira or Confluence project, Git repository, or mailing list (PMC Chairs and Infra members).
  • Edit your ASF identity or update your ASF password.
  • Synchronize Git repositories.
  • Use the OTP Calculator to generate passwords for the OTP or S/Key one-time-password systems (generally, PMC members).

Tools for ASF projects

Version Control

Apache provides, and Infra maintains, code repositories that Apache projects can use to keep their project code safe, accessible to team members, and under version control.

Bug-tracking and feature requests

Projects can use either of these bug-tracking and feature request tools:

Review Apache's bug reporting guidelines.

Build services

Apache supports and models continuous integration and continuous deployment, or CI/CD. The Apache Build services site provides more information, and links to these build tools:

  • BuildBot
  • Gump
  • Jenkins

Other tools to consider:

Code Distribution

Use the ASF Nexus Repository Manager to browse for and review code distributions by ASF projects.

Mailing LIsts

PonyMail lets you browse Apache email archives by certain categories, by user, or by project. You must log in if you want to respond to an email, or write a new one, through this interface.

Sharing Snippets

Paste is a service that lets ASF members post code snippets or similar file extracts they want to share to illustrate a code issue or make available for reuse, usually with other project members. You can post content as plain text, or formatted for a number of coding and scripting languages.



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