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Requesting assistance

The Infrastructure Team is ready to assist during most of the day, thanks to our distributed team on three continents, whether it be via email (users@infra.apache.org), Slack or via JIRA tickets.

For JIRA tickets, please take a look at this page regarding which severity to attach to tickets.

If you have an issue that needs solving, we ask that you please review the FAQ below, which may already have the answer you are seeking.

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

General service status

The $foo service is down!!
Before you go alerting us, check status.apache.org. If the service is listed as down on that page, we have most likely already been informed.

Apache account info

I forgot my password!
You can reset your password here.

Our GitHub repository is out of sync, can you help?
Usually, you can trigger a resync by pushing a trivial commit, such as a whitespace change to any branch. You can also trigger a resync through our SelfServe page.

We need a new repository for Project Foo!
For new (empty) repositories, please use self-serve. If your project is using the GitBox service, please see the GitBox web site instead. For imports, please create a JIRA ticket.

How do I unsubscribe from foo@tlp.apache.org?
Send an email to foo-unsubscribe@tlp.apache.org to unsubscribe yourself from the list.

How do I allow foo@bar.baz to post to our mailing list, dev@tlp.apache.org??
Send an email to dev-allow-subscribe-foo=bar.baz@tlp.apache.org, or see the ezmlm manual for more details.

How do I see who's subscribed to dev@tlp.apache.org?
Send an email to dev-list@tlp.apache.org. This will only work if you are a moderator of that particular list.

My email address changed and I forgot my password, how do I change it?
Please see this page for help.

I don't see the emails that I posted to a mailing list
If you are using GMail, remember that it only shows one copy of the mail, and hides the one that comes back to you from the mailing list. You can use the mail-archives to check if the mail has been received by the list
Some lists only allow subscribers to post. If you use more than one email address, you might have accidentally sent a message from the wrong account.

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